Potters Crouch Scented Candles

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It all started around thirty years ago when they decided they wanted to make scented candles in containers…something which didn’t exist (as we know them today)  in this country back then. Their vision has always been that they didn’t just want to make any old candle…they wanted to make the best and if they couldn’t make the best then they wouldn’t make them at all…

One thing scented candles have in common today is that they are made by candle makers who have added fragrance rather than perfumers who have added candles. Independent research has shown that 74% of purchasers are generally disappointed with the fragrance performance of their candle – yet they keep buying them and trying other brands in the hope they will find something better.

Potters Crouch is genuinely different; they are first and foremost perfumers of the highest quality who were so disappointed by the performance of perfumes being used in air care products today that they decided the consumer deserved better and that they would make their own. 93% of purchasers of a Potters Crouch fragranced product are so delighted with the perfume that they return to the brand consistently.